A capsule collection that debuts 8 styles with double temples, the distinctive feature of the collection at its launch, here in a contemporary version inspired by the cyberpunk universe.


 One of our big news of 2024 is the creation of a capsule collection that debuts 8 styles with double temples, the distinctive characteristic of the collection at its launch, here in a contemporary version, inspired by the Cyberpunk universe“, explains Susi Tabacchi, General Manager of Immagine98. Immagine98 continues to influence the eyewear industry, celebrating the past and predicting a future of style and innovation with X-Ide New Generation.


“We have built the collection around a strong storytelling through comic strips, whose protagonists name the models that feature the historic double temple, an identifying feature of the brand”. Eight models, five characters – Maya, Lucas, Ava, Sophie, Ethan, a four-legged puppy, Molly, a city that serves as the backdrop for their adventures, Rigel, and Chronalis, the time machine that allows them to travel in ways and times that defy logic. “Our new collection is a mix of innovation and cutting-edge design, bold shapes and surprising details,” continues Susi.


The limited-edition models are the reflection of each character’s personality!


Rigel is a city in an indeterminate future where parallel worlds and different chronological planes exist, run by a positronic brain and driven by intolerance between the inhabitants of the city center and the periphery. It is also the flagship of the collection, colorful and irreverent, with a double temple, a round shape and side-opening lenses: a punk soul in a pop art body!

Maya has the soul of a statistician, her world is numbers, but behind this uncompromising exterior lies a balanced, dreaming soul hoping for a better world. The model that represents her interprets this dual nature of hers somewhere between the rational and the irrational, wearing an elongated shape with an angular, cat-like top and softer shapes at the bottom, double shaft, double colour, like the dualism that animates Maya.

Ethan , English by birth and manner, is the group’s strategist. CEO by design, he plans everything down to the smallest detail, leaving nothing to chance and following a strictly reasoned approach. Despite his meticulous organizational skills, he’s a sociable guy. His style? Minimalist, no frills. For him, an oversized acetate frame with the iconic Navigator shape and double metal temples, with a mix of bright colors and prescription or non-prescription lenses.

Lucas is from Brazil and embodies the joyful nature of his Country. Leadership flows in his blood and he is filled with energy and intuition, just like the model that bears his name. Innovative in its simplicity, the eccentric elements are in the details, from the two-tone strap to the two-tone insert in the front.

Ava , from Thailand, is the most mature of the group – not just in terms of age: a brilliant introvert, her IQ is well above average and has earned her the nickname of Einstein since her school days; she doesn’t like frills, her glasses are a classic butterfly, but with more polygonal lines and a color palette that ranges from a mix of purples and browns to clear, with touches of ivory and orange.

Sophie – a 27-year-old Yankee – is curious by nature; for her, every moment is ripe for exploring new ideas. That is what she does with her wide, square-shaped glasses with rounded corners, made of dark acetate, while the brightest element is the aperitif lens in a glut of purple, amber, green, pink and emerald.

Molly is the puppy of the group, the four-legged friend we’ve all dreamed of: affectionate, intuitive, intelligent and unassuming, eager to please but never overbearing, she is the glue that holds the group together. The model that bears her name has soft lines and a wide range of colors, including a sky-blue transparent version.

The X-Ide New Generation collection was presented for the first time at Mido 2024 and will also be on show at Vision Expo East in New York from 14 to 17 March.