In 1997, after a 10 year Optician career, Wendy Buchanan retired from the traditional brick and mortar Optical shop to embark on creating a new optical service and a new life.

Training as an Image Consultant, Wendy combined her passion for people and love of the image world with her experienced and solid Optical training to launch Perceptions Eyewear; a one-of-a-kind mobile eyewear boutique™.

As Perceptions Eyewear celebrates 20 years of serving the be-spectacled clients in both Toronto and Ottawa, Wendy creates new again and working globally brings forth her energy and passion to evolve and share her Be Spectacular™ training program with her elite colleagues.

The Be Spectacular program is designed for Opticians and Image Consultants to help them grow their businesses with elite eyewear consultations dedicated to enhancing their clients’ appearance with a wardrobe of eyewear.

Intro – Welcome to my Podcasts!

Hi! I’m Wendy Buchanan, Eyewear Image Expert and welcome to the be Spectacular Series

Episode 2 -​How to find the right style of glasses to elevate your look

Sid and Dina are joined by eyewear stylist Wendy Buchanan who talks about how to find your style of glasses.


November 26, 2022

Episode 1 – Find your perfect eyeglasses style | The Social

Throw out the “face shape” rule! Professional style tips on how to find the perfect set of eyewear. Eyewear stylist and founder of Perceptions Eyewear Inc., Wendy Buchanan joined us this morning to help find the perfect set of eyewear