Optometry Giving Sight (OGS) will begin accepting pre-applications  for its grant program that funds sustainable, optometry-based projects to end preventable blindness  and vision impairment throughout the world. Pre-applications will be accepted from March 1, 2024 until  Midnight MST March 20, 2024. Organizations that pass the pre-application process will be invited to  submit a full grant proposal in early April. Final grant awards will be announced in August.  

OGS funds organizations that focus on the following: 

Programs involving optometry where there is a clear outline of optometry’s involvement in and  benefits to the program 

Establishment or support of optometry schools, eye clinics, vision centers and optical labs Programs that deliver eye exams and low-cost or no-cost glasses to underserved or marginalized  populations and include a strong optometry education and training component Integrated, long-term optometry-related programs with a view towards sustainability Service delivery tied to optometry education and/or the development of optometry 

Organizations that qualify for public charity status under section 501(c)(3), 501(c)(6), Canadian  registered charities and international charities are eligible for funding. There are no geographic  restrictions on the locations of the projects. However, priority is given to programs that are in parts of  the world where optometry is not a well-developed profession. 

To be considered, organizations must be nonpartisan and will not be eligible for funding if their parent  company is a large corporation. Programs that include only vision screenings, basic eye exams and  eyeglass distribution will also not be considered.  

As “Optometry’s Charity,” OGS raises funds from optometrists, optometry practices, and optometry related businesses and corporations to award grants for sustainable, impactful projects that expand the  profession and improve access to vision care in underserved areas of the world. During the last 20 years,  OGS has: awarded more than 180 grants for primary eye care services for more than 8 million people;  funded the training of more than 14,000 optometrists and eye care personnel; established more than  130 vision centers in underserved areas and; served individuals of all ages in more than 40 countries.  Optometry Giving Sight is located in Golden, Colorado and Calgary, Alberta. 

Prospective grantees may learn more here.  

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Director of Communications