Innovative Design Solutions and Flexible Financing to Transform the Optical Industry

Omg! Optical Marketing Group, experts in optical practice design, and FORT Capital Resources, a leader in commercial financing solutions are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the optical industry.

This alliance leverages Omg! Optical Marketing’s design excellence and FORT Capital’s financial expertise to enable Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) to upgrade their practices with cutting-edge designs and technology without the burden of significant upfront costs.  This partnership allows ECP’s to implement improvements aligned with their cash flow and project timelines, while minimizing operational disruptions and enhancing patient care.   By combining OMG Optical’s proven design solutions with tailored financial solutions from FORT Capital ECP’s can see an increase in capture rates up to 70%.

Bill Gerber, Founder and CEO of OMG Optical, shared his enthusiasm: “Working with FORT has been inspiring. They truly understand the needs of the modern Eye Care Professional, and together, we’ve crafted a financial solution that complements our top-tier design offerings, further enhancing the value we provide to our clients.”

“Our partnership with OMG Optical epitomizes our dedication to leveraging our financial insights to significantly impact the industries we serve,” said Brian Fleming, Principal of FORT Capital Resources. “OMG’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the optical sector makes them the perfect partner for us.”

About OMG Optical

OMG Optical is at the forefront of merging design with technology in the optical retail sector, providing unique, impactful solutions that boost customer engagement and sales. Known for setting industry standards, OMG Optical continues to redefine the shopping experience in optical retail.

About FORT Capital Resources

FORT Capital Resources is renowned for its comprehensive financial services, catering to a broad range of healthcare providers, including optometrists and ophthalmologists. Through its innovative platform, Fortify, FORT supports transactions from modest investments to large-scale projects exceeding $50 million, aiding in asset acquisition and business growth across various stages.

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