IRIS has chosen to create its own lenses to offer specific products for customers’ needs and to innovate continuously. IRIS chose the name Palma for its lenses because Palma is short for Palmarius, which, in Latin, means masterpiece.

Palma Lenses: Quality, Precision, Customization

Palma: Custom-made lenses adapted to different lifestyles.

With the help of iProfile, an IRIS-exclusive software, Palma lenses are designed considering the parent’s activities, profession, personality, preferences and eye health status.

“Palma lenses are made right here in Quebec, in our state-of-the-art laboratory in Ville St-Laurent, Montreal. Palma Lenses are a promise of quality. We are proud to offer you superior quality products and services since 1990. We apply the expertise we have acquired over the past 30 years to manufacturing our lenses,” explains Eric Babin, President of IRIS, The Visual Group, about the design of Palma lenses.

Palma lenses are covered by the IRIS No Mater What Guarantee. IRIS will replace your Palma prescription lenses if they break or get scratched for any reason within one year from the date of purchase.

Palma lenses offer the experience of better vision, regardless of your vision correction. Depending on your vision needs, age and lifestyle, IRIS professionals can provide the following solutions:

Palma Single Vision Lenses: Corrects a single vision problem, for example, vision at a distance.

Progressive Palma Lenses: Corrects multiple vision problems, such as distance and near vision. Palma lenses also offer several protections, such as blue light protection to reduce eye fatigue for computer work to increase your visual comfort.

Also available, Palma sunglasses provide 100% protection against UV, UVA and UVB rays. That is to say, the most harmful rays for your eyes. A polarizing filter can also be added. Polarized lenses reduce glare while offering a variety of tints to suit your taste.

Palma lenses. Your eyes, your lenses, your masterpiece.