Multi-language Survey to Gauge Eye Care Practitioners Worldwide on Myopia Management Uptake
The World Council of Optometry (WCO) is working with the International Myopia Institute (IMI) to promote the distribution of a survey investigating myopia management by eye care professionals (ECP) worldwide. The IMI survey titled ‘Myopia Control Attitudes and Practice’ builds upon data gathered in 2016 and 2019 to establish adoption of the latest evidence addressing the myopia epidemic and how it varies geographically and among ECPs . In 2021, the WCO board of directors unanimously adopted a resolution calling for an evidence-based standard of care for myopia which is comprised of the three main components of mitigation, measurement, and management.


World Council of Optometry President Peter Hendicott, MAppSc, PhD said, “We encourage eye care professionals worldwide to take this survey whether or not they employ myopia management in their practices. The World Council of Optometry fully supports our colleagues at the International Myopia Institute in gathering this critical information to learn more about what is happening in practices around the world and how we can get ahead of the myopia epidemic.”


International Myopia Institute Chair, Professor Serge Resnikoff, said, “Receiving feedback directly from eye care practitioners would help IMI to identify areas that need further knowledge dissemination and understand factors that could hinder practitioners from adopting best practices.”


The IMI global practitioner survey is available in the following languages:



The survey is open to eye care professionals worldwide and is scheduled to close in October 2022.  Results are expected to be tabulated and reported in early 2023.


The IMI survey promotion is one aspect of WCO’s ongoing collaboration with CooperVision, now in its second year, to advance myopia management as the standard of care worldwide.  To stay up to date on these clinical education initiatives, visit WCO’s myopia resource hub at


About the World Council of Optometry


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About the International Myopia Institute
The International Myopia Institute was formed following the WHO-BHVI meeting on myopia and high myopia in 2015, due to the need to address the increasing levels of myopia and high myopia worldwide that can lead to potentially sight threatening complications for an individual, and the massive global burden associated with lost productivity. The IMI is a global group of experts who have come together to discuss, debate, and make available the latest evidence-based recommendations in classifications, patient management, and research, in the form of the IMI white papers. Our mission is to advance research, patient management and education in myopia to prevent future vision impairment and blindness associated with increasing myopia.  We aim to do this by bringing together, scientists, clinicians, policy makers, government, and educators into the field of myopia to stimulate collaboration and sharing of knowledge.