UNSUIKYO is thrilled to announce its latest collections of stone-made eyewear for 2023, showcasing its commitment to innovative design, premium natural materials, and a celebration of inner nature. Inspired by the frame of mind in each unique moment of life, the new collections give shape to one’s journey of self-discovery and personal growth, reflecting unique experiences and creating a one-of-a-kind statement of individuality.

“Our eyewear is not just a fashion accessory, but a genuine statement of one’s spiritual and mindful journey.” – Chan Ho Yin Brian, Founder of UNSUIKYO.

UNSUIKYO expands its classic stone-made design with the launch of three new eyewear collections in May 2023: “M. Shine”, “M. Eclipse”, and “M. Eternal”. Each collection is crafted with diligent attention to detail, representing different stages of life. “M. Shine” is characterised by splendid vitality, “M. Eclipse” embodies a spirit of adventure and maturity, while “M. Eternal” is designed for the practical and wise. The collections artfully blend raw and refined materials, creating a unique and sophisticated aesthetic that captures one’s individuality. All new collections will include a sunglasses clip-on with ZEISS lenses, providing ultra-clear vision and 100% UV protection.

“M. Shine” collection bursts with vitality and energy, its timeless round shape crafted from natural stone with exquisite veins and transparent acetate in bold, vibrant hues. The stainless-steel temples add a seamless and dynamic touch along the curves of the eyewear, further emphasising one’s boundless energy and a zest for discovery. “M. Shine” becomes a statement of the wearer’s desire to embrace the world with an open mind and a sense of wonder.

Serving as an expression of one’s journey of self-discovery and growth, the “M. Eclipse” collection exudes an essence of maturity, with its crown-shaped rims crafted from a distinguished combination of stone and acetate. The subdued hues of the rims reveal a sense of refined intricacy, while the titanium temples add a touch of strength and durability. It defines a thoughtful soul that steadfastly explores the world with one’s beliefs, even at a slow pace, a true masterpiece of artful manifestation.

With the “M.Eternal” collection, UNSUIKYO introduces a classic panto shape that illustrates the spirit of everlasting elegance and intelligence. The rich, earthy hues of the eyewear’s colour palette evoke a sense of grounded practicality, while the stone-made rims embody the pure rocky textures of nature, portraying the essence of each moment in life. The eyewear turns into a masterful declaration of the wearer’s depth of wisdom and authenticity, elevating both the individual and the art of eyewear to a new level of prominence.

Each collection symbolises a unique stage of life where individuals grow, learn, and evolve. With each pair of eyewear, UNSUIKYO empowers wearers to embark on a journey of self- discovery. Eyewear evolves into a canvas for wearers to paint one’s unique style with confidence and authenticity, a window to the beauty and wonder of life.


Inspired by the beauty of natural Japanese forest scenes in Shiratani Unsuikyo, UNSUIKYO eyewear is handcrafted to evoke an appreciation for the natural world. Created by eyewear designer Chan Ho Yin, Brian, the award-winning designs use natural materials, including sedimentary rock and wood, in frames inspired by classic and vintage eyewear. UNSUIKYO’s timeless aesthetic offers comfort, fit, and a unique way of looking at the world. Designs are sold in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Germany, Spain, and Italy. www.unsuikyo.com

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