Italian eyewear brand Spectaful is thrilled to unveil the success of the latest CLOUD collection release, with the elegantly feminine model Patty emerging as the best-selling style of the exceptionally lightweight and technologically advanced line.

With its cutting-edge design, the model Patty has captured the attention of eyewear enthusiasts around the world. Boasting a cat eye shape for women, the shape is characterised by distinctive angular edges that create a striking geometric look.

As a best-seller, the easy-to-wear model Patty exemplifies Spectaful’s dedication to delivering eyewear that not only meets the highest standards of quality and unparalleled comfort but also pushes the boundaries of contemporary fashion. 

“This style was supposed to be manufactured bigger than it is now, but we decided to go ahead with a design for customers with smaller faces. We have now discovered that Patty is the best-selling model of the latest release, which we could not have imagined!”…. Spectaful, Italy

Available in a palette of chic and vivid colours, the Cobalt Blue and Deep Purple have been the favourites, complementing diverse styles and preferences. All models in the CLOUD collection come in colour options that emphasise a commitment to providing eyewear that allows the wearer to express their unique personality.

Model: PATTY
Colours include Black, Bright Orange, Cobalt Blue and Deep Purple.