Filled with sensational colors and bold personality, eye-catching collections from the Cadore-based company take originality and vision to new heights

Winning styles, with their unique charm, unusual shapes and colors ranging from classic to trendy, sync with different trends


Mido 2023 upholds its reputation as the leading international eyewear trade show. Could there be a better place than Milan, capital of fashion and design, to launch the 2023 eyewear collections? Immagine98 seizes the opportunity to shine the spotlight on its brands, different from one another but packed with personality, expressions of its stylistic signature – always clued in to the latest trends but able to draw inspiration from past fashions, revisiting them with a modern, contemporary eye.


X-Ide, creativity unlimited

The company’s legendary X-Ide brand has long been synonymous with creative inspiration, bold styles that challenge the concept of classicism, eyewear that amaze with elegance. Below are some of the styles that epitomize the philosophy of this explosive brand whose triumphs are measured in the breadth of its design concepts. Each one is a tribute to an artist. Outstanding among the Mido 2023 lineup is Matisse, an oversize acetate style whose square lines are softened by gold-plated metal temples. Available in five shades: elegant black, tempting cherry red, sophisticated blue, stunning green and classic Havana.

Matisse model, 5 color options

Geometric and chromatically uncommon, Vermeer pays tribute to the greatest representative of the Dutch Golden Age. To the artist who made the luster of color, the elevation of light and the transparency of painted shadows his strengths. The same features found in this optical frame, perfect for the eccentric man or whimsical woman. The bold acetate hexagon is available in several colors, from black/tortoiseshell to green tortoiseshell, from black/blue to emerald green/grey.

Vermeer model, 4 color options

MIC – Made in Cadore, naturally inspired

A brand that is a tribute to nature and to its land of origin – the Cadore and the Dolomite mountains – places imbued with history and beauty and with picture-postcard panoramas. The styles reflect a singular reworking of classic shapes, revitalized by the choice of nature-inspired hues. The collection designed for Mido 2023 revolves around acetate proportions that favor bold shapes and play around with color. Like Larice, a generous square acetate, steeped in elegance and inclusivity, the result of skilled artisan craftsmanship. There are four different colorways: truly trendsetting dense black, layered light blue/blue acetate, a super elegant tortoiseshell version and a warm honey color for wearers seeking the latest trends.

Larice  Model, 4 color options

Tramontana, a sun style from the same brand, is an ode to the cold North wind. Sunglasses whose generous round shape is in perfect diva style. These faceted acetate frames are made with skilled craftsmanship typical of the jeweler’s art that finds a new expression in eyewear. The design itself and unique workmanship lend alluring appeal and personality, enhanced even more by the powerful color palette: black with a hint of marbling, striated green and tortoiseshell acetate.

The Tramontana model in 3 color options

Rye&Lye, exercise in experimentation

Beauty in the details, the fascinating creative process, a special focus on the quality and durability of materials – these are just some of the factors that make the Rye&Lye collections special – a top of the range luxury line. The brand’s new styles expand one of Immagine98’s flagship collections, designed for sophisticated wearers attracted to exclusive accessories capable of conveying sensations of purity and luxury through exquisite elegance. Nefti is the Egyptian goddess of death and darkness, protectress of the spirits and model of absolute refinement. The eye of Horus, symbol of protection, prosperity, regal power and good health is reflected in its sophisticated cat-eye shape. Precious gold-plated inserts highlight the front, elongating and illuminating the gaze. Available in transparent juniper green or black – elegant, sophisticated, contemporary hues.

Nefti model in  4 color options

The same but slightly narrower shape embellishes the optical Hathor, a tribute to the goddess of the sky, joy, dance and love, protectress of the pharaohs and, especially, of women and queens. Not surprisingly, all of the brand’s frames carry the names of Egyptian deities.

Hathor model in color options

I-Man, the striking simplicity of minimalist design

Unique style, formal but never trite – this is the essence of I-Man. Designed exclusively for men, the optical frame collection is crafted for a cross-section of wearers with a passion for classic (but never predictable) lines. Like Mattew, an optical navigator in acetate, for a spirited individual look. The formality of the design is tempered by bold acetate that delivers super trendy style. Which color to choose? Classic black, perennially elegant midnight blue or the striated version that blends a grey-green palette.