When was the moment you became genuine? Genuine Since 1937, a staple in the Ray-Ban logo
sparks new campaign, Genuine Since where “The Since” sets a stage of when you become your truest self. Now outspoken
in our bold evolution, Ray-Ban upgrades some of the most iconic silhouettes with the Mega trend. Defined by a courageous
moment to reimagine the classic designs, merged with a dare to thrive beyond the boundaries of tradition, make way for the
two cultural trailblazers Mega Clubmaster and Mega Wayfarer, Genuine Since We Dared to Be.

A symbol of authenticity and intellect, the classic Clubmaster defined the ‘80s with its bold brow shape and retro sensibility.
Charged with the cool self-confidence of a savant, it fast became a favorite among influential thinkers and visionaries. The
original Wayfarer, meanwhile, has been challenging the unexplored since 1952 as an apt expression of youth rebellion. From the ‘60s rock revolution to the ‘80s art scene and the apex of ‘90s hip-hop culture, the Wayfarer remains every bit as sub-
versive today. Taking on bold new dimensions, their modern Mega counterparts evolve to tap into the needs of now, shifting

horizons with an audacious outlook without losing their timeless appeal. Driven by a hunger for everlasting design and the
restless spirit of innovation, historic details take on defiant proportions, as extra-wide temples and thick rims collide with a
rush of pop optimism.

Unmistakable originals, reinvented for the intrepid. This next generation dares you to author your own legacy.
Do you dare to Go Mega?