The centrally located flat of Spanish photographer Gorka Postigo was the chosen venue for an evening in which the new GIGI Studios collection and books were the show’s stars. In the middle of Paris Fashion Week, a hundred artists and creators from all disciplines and celebrities such as actor Ed Westwick and designers Alejandro Palomo and Pepa Salazar attended this unique experience organised by GIGI Studios to discover the new FW 23/24 campaign “Le Club de Lecture”. 

This unique and intimate encounter was in tune with the essence of the GIGI  Studios’ campaign. If the setting for the campaign was a vast abandoned library, now it was a flat full of books where the GIGI Studios community gathered to talk about books, art and eyewear—a meeting place for reading, listening and exploring the world from different perspectives. 


An iconic book, “GIGI” by Colette, was one of the references which helped put together a set design of books and eyewear. The gastronomic accent, created by chef Zélikha Dinga, consisted of “amuse bouches” arranged in triangles,  perfect for eating while reading. 

Margarita cocktails were the night’s drink of choice for this inspiring community of different creative disciplines, including actor Ed Westwick, models Maeva  Marshall, Florence Huntington and Corentin Huard, influencers Marc Forné,  Carla Ginola, Nina Urgell, Zina Charkoplia and Miranda Makaroff and designers  Alejandro Palomo and Pepa Salazar. 

To mark the end of the evening, three evocative souvenirs linking literature and design: a copy of “Ways of Seeing” by John Berger, a bookmark in the shape of our Ludovica model and an exclusive design from the FW 23/24 collection  “Le Club de Lecture”. 

About GIGI Studios 


The history of GIGI Studios is a testament to a passion for craftsmanship. 

A constantly evolving commitment passed down from generation to generation to meet the needs of a discerning and demanding public. 

From our beginnings in 1962 in Barcelona to today, consolidated globally, our dedication to craftsmanship and creative expression remains at the heart of everything we do, offering quality and sophistication in an accessible way.