Following a remarkable success in Edmundston and Moncton,  Optical Warehouse, founded in 2013, continues their expansion with an 18th optical store opening at 1111 Regent St in Fredericton. 

Daniel Beaulieu, President and CEO of Optical Vision Group, is proud to announce an investment  of more than $250,000 for this 3rd opening in New Brunswick. As the only optical stores in Quebec  and the Atlantic provinces to offer a “Best Price Policy”, Optical Warehouse is proud to provide  Frederictonians with an awesome opportunity to save money on prescription eyeglasses without  compromising on quality. 

Stéphane Beaulieu, Vice-President of Business Development for EDLL NB Inc., Co-owner, and  Optician, expresses the long-standing ambition of the family business, stating, “Our goal, over the  past decades, has always been to sell high-quality eyeglasses at the best possible price. With the  cost of living constantly on the rise, we are thrilled to offer great quality products at fair prices,  enabling people to save money and combat inflation while obtaining prescription eyeglasses that suit all their needs.” 

The end of expensive glasses 

Well-experienced with over 40 years in the optical industry, Daniel Beaulieu, President and CEO  at Optical Vision Group, explains the secret behind their affordability: “Customers frequently  inquire about our low prices once they witness the high quality of our products. The answer is  simple: we source directly from manufacturers and maintain our own network of lens labs. By  cutting out unnecessary middle-men, the real added-value and savings are going back into the  pockets of our customers.” 

The winning formula of Optical Warehouse lies in its commitment to offering top-tier customer  service combined with quality products at unbeatable prices. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business  and Commerce, Alex Fan, the Optician Store Manager for the new Fredericton store, brings his  expertise to ensure exceptional care for customers. Fan highlights the store’s unique catch-all  concept, stating, “We offer a wide selection of frames and lens products, allowing customers to  get the best value for their money. Essentially, we are offering prescription eyeglasses at prices  very similar to those found online, but with professional optician services on-site. I quickly realized  that the organization is entirely dedicated to offering the best quality at the best price for our  customers. I can fairly say it’s more than our trademark, it’s our pledge!” 

“By integrating various cutting-edge technological tools developed in the past years, our company  has significantly enhanced its web-to-store shopping experience. We have introduced several  features, including frame virtual try-on, a frame reservation system, and online booking, that have revolutionized how customers interact with our products,” states Daniel  Beaulieu, President and CEO of Optical Vision Group. With these advancements, Optical  Warehouse offers a unique and innovative approach to purchasing complete prescription  eyeglasses at the most competitive prices. 

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Source :  Daniel Beaulieu 


Christelle Nonnon 

Marketing coordinator