In the middle of Marrakech there is a garden in whose lively compositions of colors and flowers many people have found thier inspiration and passion. NIRVAN JAVAN presents, exclusively at Silmo in Paris, the limited-edition model MAJORELLE.


A walk through the Jardin Majorelle

Created in 1923 by the French painter Jacques Majorelle, the garden has captivated visitors ever since for its striking colors. Particularly striking is the deep blue that stands out against the numerous cacti, plants and flowers. The garden is the artistic soul of Majorelle manifested in stone and flora. It is precisely this spirit that NIRVAN JAVAN’s latest design, MAJORELLE, captures. As a special limited edition of the MARRAKECH COLLECTION, it shows another side of the Maghreb. 50 frames invite you to reflect on the striking architecture, be it the blue stone or the yellow curtains and window frames. The garden is waiting.


The garden in the frame

Thanks to the strong colors of Japanese acetate, the garden becomes tangible. The blue has a depth that hardly any other material can provide. On the temples can also be seen Zeligs, special Arabic patterns with which the villa is decorated. In addition, the collection bears the brand’s monogram as a pattern in its temple inserts. Exclusively for the fair at Silmo, NIRVAN JAVAN opens the doors and ignites the passion.