Press Release

Nikon Optical Canada is proud to release its new video promoting the Nikon Difference bringing forward its Japanese heritage through its technology and its expertise through its Canadian network.

For more than 100 years, Nikon has pioneered the optical industry and for over three decades, Nikon Optical Canada has revolutionized prescription lenses in the Canadian market. The Japanese heritage influences the way Nikon works by constantly improving precision, protection and aesthetics benefiting each individual patient. At every stage, throughout all the processes, every detail matters, and so does every patient.

Nikon lenses are based on a series of 12 parameters. The Nikon Optical Design Engine in Japan collects this data and designs a lens, one of 93 trillion, optimized for each patient. Five minutes later the manufacturing process begins in Canada.

Nikon’s local experts consist of specialized technicians, quality managers, opticians and customer experience partners. Its cutting-edge technologies and rigorous controls ensure every detail is impeccable. Its Canadian network ensures quality, availability and reliability for all Nikon ECP partners.

Nikon Optical Canada strives to push boundaries in order to deliver a premium client experience. Its ultimate goal is to create value for all its partner eye care professionals and their patients.

To learn more about the Nikon Difference, contact your Nikon Business Development Partner at 1-800-663-8654.