Maui Jim introduces two new female models, Lychee and Mamane

Once again inspired by the world of nature, the names of the new models-Lychee and Mamane–make reference to the wonderful Hawaiian nature. Together with the classic tones of black and havana, softer and spring-like colors complete an offer suitable for all female tastes.


With SuperThin Glass lenses, Lychee delivers sharp optics in a dramatic cateye. A reinterpretation of the classic, the accentuated upturned corners mirror the pointed leaves of its namesake and add complementary framing to a variety of facial features. Although petite, Lychee aspires confidence with PolarizedPlus2®, promising to protect your eyes against 100% of harmful UV in contemporary style.

Available in four colours: Translucent Light Pink, Black Gloss, Black Gloss with Tokyo Tortoise and Tortoise


Inspired by the multifunctional Mamane plant, this style insets PolarizedPlus2® lenses in a highdensity acetate framework for purposeful versatility with alluring details. Mamane creates subtledimension with a carved frame front to mirror the fold of theflower petals, while the lenses expandinto a captivating butterfly shape reminiscent of the flower-clusters. With an illustrative temple core,this style presents a meticulous high-fashion aesthetic.

About Maui JimMaui Jim sunglasses were born on the beaches of Maui; designed to protect eyes from the harshrays of the island sun. Today, Maui Jim is the world’s fastest-growing premium eyewear companyand is sold in more than 100 countries.Maui Jim is recognized for its unparalleled “Aloha Spirit”, customer service, and advanced, patentedPolarizedPlus2® lens technology. All Maui Jim sunglasses block 100 percent of harmful UV raysand eliminate glare, while enhancing colour, clarity and detail.Maui Jimsunglasses have earned the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation as aneffective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin.

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