Following their know-how in craftsmanship and design, and making acetate sculpting a statement, Look has proposed two new acetate frames in their woman MODA Collection for the F/W 2023-24 season. Fashionable shapes, proposed in elegant dimensions with squared (mod. 75372-73) and rounded (mod. 75374-75) lines, make the acetate working an outstanding feature, milling the lash lines so as to play with both transparencies and thicknesses.

Colour-wise, black and havana are both the iconic colours of a timeless concept of elegance and a strong fashion statement, while the transparencies of fuchsia pink and teal green on one model, ruby red and olive green on the other, are the offer for a more emotional approach to “wearing” colour. Small colour touches on the end- pieces, in both ton-sur-tone and contrasting hues, create a discreet colour-block effect and certify the attention to details and the hand- made craftsmanship and skill of their construction.

The MODA collection embodies the essence of the LOOK contemporary style, and all the models are traceable because they are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy at the company’s production facility, using the finest technologies available.