Mid-size frames with iconic shapes in perfect timeless fashion

Rounding out the LOOK Fall-Winter 23/24 collection are the styles from the ICONS line – four mid-size optical frames that combine concepts and continuing colors with contemporary style.

Each style is available in four carefully selected color choices suited to any wardrobe or situation, for eyewear that offer a touch of evergreen elegance. The timeless concept is also reflected in the shapes – a panto, two rectangular and a subtle cat-eye – that capture the ever-fresh spirit. The design aesthetic is emphasized by the medium thickness of the fronts and the modern cut of the temples. These details lend the frames a sophisticated, cosmopolitan look, perfect for wearers seeking a current, cutting-edge style without being tied to fleeting fashions.

Lightness is a fundamental feature of ICONS frames, thanks to the use of high-quality materials like NIL (Natural Injection Light) for the front, Xinox (extremely durable ultra-light non-toxic steel) for the temples, and EVO temple tips that can be shortened, a LOOK must, for personalized fit and optimum comfort.

The ICONS collection embodies the essence of the LOOK contemporary style, and all the models are traceable because they are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy at the company’s production facility, using the finest technologies available.