As the legendary English rock band celebrates its 60th anniversary, it’s only fitting for us to partner and bring Mick’s, Keith’s, Ronnie’s, and Charlie’s rock and roll power to life within ic! berlin’s prestigious catalogue.

Inspired by the band’s iconic aesthetic and eyewear choices throughout their career, each frame in this exclusive collection pays homage to their rebellious spirit and timeless style.

From the striking Satisfaction RS frame with its turquoise Atlantis lenses to the enigmatic Sympathy RS aviator model featuring etched hexagon patterns, each design encapsulates the essence of The Rolling Stones’ music and persona. Embrace the kaleidoscopic essence of “She’s a Rainbow” with our shield-like frame, Rainbow RS, while the energetic and rebellious Flash RS model channels the electrifying energy of their most iconic songs.

But the experience doesn’t stop there. Our collector’s box is more than just packaging; it’s a gateway to The Rolling Stones’ world. Featuring high-quality graphics, band photo, and a steel-like surface to display the frames, it’s a true homage to The Rolling Stones’ legendary status. With only 1000 units of each frame produced and strictly numbered, this collection is a testament to The Rolling Stones’ enduring legacy in a bold, contemporary form.