Total Eye Health + with Blue Light Filter Supplement is the First to Address All Three Parts of the Eye for Enhanced Visual Function

Lightbody, the innovator of the world’s only digital wellness supplements, is emphasizing the importance of daily vision care to combat the stressors of modern digital lifestyles during Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month. As digital device usage has skyrocketed in recent years with men, women, and children of all ages, studies show women are at higher risk for vision problems, eye diseases, and blindness. According to Lightbody CEO and co-founder Kylen Ribeiro, most women do not realize eye health is impacted by factors such as poor hydration, nutrition deficiencies, lack of sleep, and exposure to sunlight, screens, and mobile devices.

“Digital wellness, which is having a healthy relationship with technology, is a cornerstone of overall wellness,” said Ribeiro. “More than 85 percent of Americans are staring at blue light-emitting laptop screens or cell phones for hours on end and complaining of dry, red, or aching eyes at the end of the day. At Lightbody, our mission is to help people understand there are steps you can take to mitigate these effects, including eye exercises, diet choices, and supplementation.”

Lightbody formulated a unique  digital wellness supplement, Total Eye Health + With Blue Light Filter, for total ocular health and to enhance visual function at any age. Backed by science, the formula supports the eye’s ability to manage eye strain and sensitivity, reduce glare, improve visual contrast, brighten eyes, support healthy hydration of eyes, and filter high energy visible light. According to renowned holistic optometrist and best-selling author Dr. Marc Grossman, the exclusive supplement is remarkable because it is the only one on the market that addresses all three parts of the eye.

“This is an extraordinary, synergistic formula with nutrients that provide hydration as well as retinal and lens protection,” said Grossman. “There are numerous studies that validate these ingredients improve visual performance.”

Ribeiro noted the efficacy of the supplement is due to its powerful proprietary ocular botanical blend, including maqui berry extract, which has been proven to relieve occasional eye dryness and eye strain. In addition, FloraGLO®, a Lutein and Zeaxanthin combination, filters blue light and produces a protective layer called macular pigment that is beneficial for daily preventative eye care. The trademarked ingredients are gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and GMO-free.

While the supplement can improve visual function in as little as one week, Ribeiro added that daily, preventative eye care and supplementation is key to avoiding eye problems in the long run.

“Although numerous eye diseases are life-altering in later stages, many have little to no symptoms in the early stages, making eye care – as well as eye maintenance – essential to modern life,” she said. “We have customers who tell us they work remotely or in offices and are suffering from chronic blue light exposure, so adding Total Eye Health + with Blue Light Filter to their daily regimen helps relieve eye strain and dryness. Others are writing positive reviews about how taking the supplement is more effective than simply wearing blue light glasses, as it goes beyond blue light protection.”

Fans of Total Eye Health + with Blue Light Filter also include women, social media influencers, and beauty bloggers who include the supplement as part of their daily beauty routines for brighter, beautiful eyes. Prior to applying eye shadow, mascara, or eye liner, taking one of the soft gel supplements is becoming the latest trend in beauty supplements that address everything from hair, skin, and nail concerns.

“I take Total Eye Health + with Blue Light Filter every day as part of my beauty routine,” said Britian Swafford, a 21-year-old makeup artist and stylist in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. “I also recommend it to my clients, because there doesn’t seem to be anything else like this that helps with eye strain after hours of using cell phones or other digital devices.”

Lightbody Total Eye Health+ with Blue Light Filter can be purchased at for $42.99 per bottle for a one-month supply with a discount for subscribers. Practitioners or those interested in wholesale should contact or call (844) 779-2418 for more information.


After a combined decade of working in the wellness industry, Kylen Ribiero and Michelle Klein were inspired to take a holistic approach to digital wellness. Lightbody was founded in 2021 to combat the increasing toxicity of the modern digital world. The company is revolutionizing supplements by using scientific research to increase cellular resiliency for positive health outcomes.

Estimates indicate more than 85 percent of Americans are staring at blue light-emitting laptop screens or cell phones for hours on end, and often complaining of dry, red, or aching eyes at the end of the day. Lightbody’s mission is to help people understand there are solutions to mitigate these effects, including proper hydration, nutrition, and supplementation.

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