Kwame Alexander wins an Emmy for The Crossover on Disney Plus the same week as launching a collaboration with Kirk & Kirk

It’s been a huge week for writer Kwame Alexander. His Disney Plus series, The Crossover, just one an Emmy for best Young Teen programme.

Kwame is passionate about eyewear and has just launched a collaboration collection with Kirk & Kirk called Haiku.

The Haiku Collection is a set of reading glasses, two shapes each produced in four colours. Each frame comes with its own haiku, written by Kwame Alexander and presented in a beautiful booklet, illustrated by Sindiso.

The frames are handmade in Italy in four colourful acetate hues; black, purple, red and emerald.

“We love the idea of approaching our relationship with eyewear and the purposes for which we use it, not simply what it looks like.  Not only is Kwame a great children’s writer and poet but he also has a love of glasses, so it seemed like a plan.”

The set comes on an illustrated display and is limited to only fifty sets worldwide. It will be available in selected independent bookstores and opticians.

Angel and Johnson come in 4 colorways  – purple, red, black and emerald