INVU – Rodeo Drive Edition

The latest INVU release takes consumers back to the vibrant 1960s Rodeo Drive fashion scene featuring tailored suits and sleek attire. INVU’s vintage release combines the fashion elements of this iconic period with heavy frames, dark lenses, tortoise shell colors and the time-honored metallic rivet studs on the front.

While the design inspirations come from the past, the lenses certainly do not. The new Rodeo Drive spring edition features the latest in polarizing lens technology. INVU’s ultra polarized lenses are manufactured with state-of-the-art optical base material made in Germany and Swiss Eyewear Group’s proprietary high efficiency polarizer made in Japan. The INVU Rodeo Drive Edition is promoted by an advertisement campaign that showcases both the crystal clear, glare-free vision and the timeless beauty of INVU’s newest spring fashion edition.

Swiss Eyewear Group (International) AG is a registered, privately held company with its headquarters in Zürich Switzerland. INVU is a registered trademark of Swiss Eyewear Group (International) AG and is distributed in over 95 countries around the globe.

Swiss Eyewear Group International: