Introducing the perfect fusion of fashion and eyewear: ic! berlin x Bibhu Mohapatra.

This revolutionary collection marries sophisticated fashion with Germany engineering, by teaming up with Bibhu Mohapatra, we were able to produce a flawless variety of fashion forward frames that also align with our vision.

Bibhu’s inspiration for this collection comes from his father who worked in the steel industry. After years of learning the trade, Bibhu’s father opened his own steel fabrication business. Quality was his main concern and that is where Bibhu gained the ethos of his work ethic. “Collaborating with the esteemed German brand, ic! berlin, to develop and launch my first eyewear line is a tribute to my father’s legacy.” – Bibhu Mohapatra.

In this collection, there are five different styles, three being the Bibhu 01Bibhu 02, and Bibhu 03. The family of three all tie in colors or lace patterns that were featured in Bibhu’s September collection, creating the ideal balance of feminine elegance and intelligent design. Additionally, the collection features showpieces: The Veil and Lace Visor. These highly anticipated glasses are unique as they offer a more impactful design that highlights the lace sequence incorporated throughout Bibhu’s clothing.

Bibhu Mohaptra is known for his exceptional craftsmanship. The attention to detail and dedication to quailty influenced Bibhu’s decision to partner with ic! berlin.  “This collaboration is not just a business venture; to me it is a bridge that connects the past with the present. The meticulous approach to design and quality, inspired by my father’s early experiences, aligns perfectly with the ethos of ic! berlin and its codes.”

Be part of history and see the world how we see it. Browse below to explore the full collection!