THE WHY: People love to see real people online. While high-quality images and video are important, it’s most effective to share photos and videos of you, your staff, your practice, and your day-to-day. This builds a personal connection between your practice and current/potential patients.
THE HOW: Capturing quality content can feel like a full-time job. If you don’t have a person dedicated to your marketing, encourage your staff to take photos and videos during their shifts at your practice to share with your team. It can also be beneficial to schedule an hour every 1-2 weeks in your calendar specifically to capture photos and videos of your staff. And lastly, you can get creative with what kinds of content you share to maximize the photos and videos available to you. Try staff features, fun reel ideas, and eye care tips as some unique ways to differentiate your content.

– Jessica Coad, Content & Brand Strategist, Pod Marketing