For Fall 2023, WestGroupe’s FYSH launches six new models featuring a blend of warm and cool colours, glamorous designs, and custom detailing carefully curated to complement fall’s aesthetics.
Thin, monoblock stainless steel frames embrace clean fashion with their subtle hints of colour and design elements, rendering them versatile accessories for sophisticated and polished looks. F-3720 and F-3721 both feature laser cut edging on the frame front highlighted by bold colouration for a refined layering effect. F-3720, an oversized square frame available in Black Rose Gold, Fuchsia Black, Red Gold, and Moss Rose Gold, radiates confidence with its large size and strong colour combinations. Evoking a sense of charm and femininity, F-3721’s angular cat-eye shape exudes a nostalgic retro aesthetic, appealing to those fond of vintage fashion. Colours range from light to dark with Black Rose Gold, Aqua Gold, Lilac Rose Gold, and Fuchsia Rose Gold. For those looking for a bolder metal look, F-3723 is the perfect choice with its flat metal front, engraved lattice design on the brow bar, and vibrant hues inspired by the deep, rich tones of autumn foliage. Available in Black Rose Gold, Eggplant Rose Gold, Terracotta Gold, and Teal Rose Gold, the laser cut detailing and two-tone colouration create a visual contrast that draws attention to the eyewear, while adding depth and definition to the design.
Custom lamination creates unique visual and structural effects due to the harmonious blend of fashion-forward patterns and contrasting colours. For Fall 2023, FYSH launches three acetate models that use lamination to create designs that are colourful and fun. F-3722 is flattering and easy to wear with its modified square eye shape and custom lamination along the brow bar that seamlessly extend along the end-piece and temple. Available in four fabulous shades, Ice Blue Rosewood, Lavender Tortoise, Fuchsia Black, and Blue Cobalt, it is the perfect frame for women who want to embrace multiple colour options in one stunning piece. F-3724 features a modified rectangular eye shape with a gentle upsweep that is soft and feminine. Custom integrated spring hinges elevate the overall design with their clean, tapered shape and high shine which contrasts beautifully with the acetate temples. Colourways include Aqua Hazelnut and Amethyst Smoke which establish an understated feel due to their lighter colour combinations, while Black Cranberry and Rosewood Marble are visually intriguing due to their custom layering that suggests an intense, fiery effect for those who prefer standing out. F-3725 flaunts a triple-tone effect through the custom lamination of patterned, solid and translucent acetate. The rounded cat-eye shape is the perfect shape for this daring design and will appeal to those looking to express their love of colour and pattern through their eyewear. This model is offered in Black Lace Fuchsia, Navy Sage Pearl, Grape Pearl Teal, and Tortoise Cherry Oat, with each colour being noticeably different from the rest.
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