Colors 0010, 0830, 8022

A must-have in the BOLD collection, the CAROLINA model was inspired by the unusual and crazy creativity of the charismatic Lady Gaga. A design of stylistic excess that shakes up and plays with the codes of fashion’s quirkiness and audacity, while diffusing vibrant, rock’n’roll colors that resonate and blend like electro-synthetic melodies.

The model reinvents the classic “cat’s eye”, playing on contrasting shapes and thicknesses in a most non-conformist style. It embodies the brand’s exceptional daring to transcend conventional norms, with confidence and originality. Its eye-catching design features bold cuts in glamorous thicknesses and a sophisticated, bespoke palette: a signature graphic trio of red, black and crystalline white (color 0830), chic and radical B&W duo (color 0010), and pink translucent in ultra-glossy radiance (color 8022). Inspired by the iconic spirit of the 80s, CAROLINA skillfully fuses contemporary allure with a touch of retro nostalgia.

Beveled effects and acetate lamination unveil an exceptional play of transparency and light, giving the face a multi-faceted radiance. A sophisticated, artistic composition that offers a most dazzling and characterful visual experience. Handcrafted and equipped with Flex hinges, this model combines style and comfort in a lightweight design. A style statement from J.F.REY: “In Bold We Trust”.