Belgian Labels KOMONO and Theo Join Forces to Shape the Future of Eyewear


The three brothers Somers, owners of the Antwerp designer eyewear brand Theo, have become co-shareholders of KOMONO, the Antwerp pioneer in affordable luxury accessories. With 35 years of experience in the optical market and 13 years of experience in the fashion landscape and a few years in the optical world, this collaboration is a real “match made in Antwerp”.


“Because we share the same values and vision on a brand level, we immediately knew that we had to work together. “Says Anton Janssens, co-founder of KOMONO. “Both parties have a passion for design and quality, have their roots in Antwerp and have acquired a unique and strong position in their segment. On the one hand, KOMONO has become a household name in the fashion landscape and has played a key role in the rise of affordable luxury and design. On the other, Theo has been a valued partner for opticians worldwide with a unique brand perception and top credibility in the higher segment for 2 generations already. Both brands complement each other perfectly.”


“Additionally, our partnership responds to the current and future needs that prevail in the optical market.” Continues Janssens: “As a result of many acquisitions and the upscaling of big players, there is a high demand for independent labels with a strong vision and brand identity. This is something that Theo and KOMONO both have without competing, as we focus on a different target audience. Furthermore, our joined forces will make it easier to enter into strategic partnerships with retailers.”


Operationally, the management of KOMONO will be fully retained, with Anton Janssens as co-founder and Carl Liekens as operational director. The Somers brothers will take on an advisory role and will focus on the development of KOMONO in the optical market. They bring in extra experience and know-how and a global network. KOMONO’s brand identity will be fully maintained and even strengthened.


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