And the Winner is…

Spectacle Eyeworks Inc., the Canadian design house, is proud to announce the exciting news that they were the recipient of a prestigious accolade at the inaugural NOW awards at the recent Vision Expo East 2024 in New York City. “Best Optical Style of 2024 by an Independent Brand” was won for their stunning new style Shan, from the infamous Pussy Galore collection, a line inspired and adapted from the authentic cat-eye styles of the 50’s and 60’s. 

Shan epitomizes Spring awakening, with its subtle yet intricate flora etching décor adding an undeniable essence of sensual femininity. This creation epitomizes the true heart and origin of what the Pussy Galore collection set out to be at its very inception.

Mehran Baghaie, Operations Director and Chief Designer at Spectacle Eyeworks says, “I am humbled and grateful to be honored, especially as an independent designer. I’ve spent a large part of my life dedicated to this industry and have witnessed the ups and downs, ebbs and flows over the years but in staying true to whatever inspires me, I have been given the gift of longevity and loyalty from my client partners. I love faces and the nuances of creating styles that enhance the appearance in some way, shape or form. Being publicly recognized for my passion is always a welcome bonus!”   

To see the winning style, more of the PG collection, or another of Spectacle Eyework’s show-stopping lines, check out their website at