A detail is a tiny spark that can illuminate our world. The path our lives take, our destinies and our choices are generally down to a tiny detail.

At Nikon, we leave nothing to chance, and thanks to the absolute precision of our optical lenses, you will never miss any detail that matters to you. Everything starts with a detail.

Nikon Optical Canada is proud to extend its national consumer campaign that earned over 3 million impressions last

year. From its global debut under the theme “Everything Starts with a Detail”, Nikon Optical Canada will run

its successful campaign “Inspiration Starts with a Detail” in June. Inspired by Nikon’s precision in uncovering the details that can change the course of a life, or spark the imagination to highlight endless possibilities, this campaign promotes local creators from across the country. Nikon Lenswear demonstrates how attention to details can move us all from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Inspiration can arise from everywhere and everything we look at. With Nikon optical lenses, you can see all the marvels surrounding you: the curves of a stroke, great finesse, flamboyant colours.

A detail catches your eye and becomes a true gateway to your next creation. Through your unique vision, one masterpiece inspires another. Just like a great chef who finds their next blend of flavours in the softness of the watercolour superbly applied by a painter.

To highlight the precision of Nikon lenses, we collaborated with artist Olivier Rielland Nadeau, with over a decade of experience in the creativity industry and a famous calligrapher. Olivier imagined a piece that honours the Japanese heritage while mixing the colourful possibilities that Nikon lenses create. He created an original painting aimed at inspiring three great Canadian chefs in the creation of a new gastronomic dish: Andrea Carlson (who was recently awarded a Michelin Star) from Burdock & Co in Vancouver, Olivier Larocque from Le Club Chasse et Pêche in Montreal and John-Vincent Troiano from Frilu in Toronto.

This awareness campaign starts June 5th until June 30th 2023. It is aimed at a highly qualified audience that is sensitive to the quality of the products they consume. The campaign is digitally powered by a series of three videos, in addition to an immersive and explanatory web page, inviting patients to visit a Nikon expert.

These Nikon Lenswear ad videos will be pushed on online streaming platforms including CBC’s Gem and Radio-Canada’s Tou.TV in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

A new Nikon Lenswear CA Instagram page has been launched together with this campaign. Social media advertisements on Instagram and Facebook including digital programmatics will be pushed.

The goal is to ultimately make it easier for eye care professionals to talk about the Nikon Lenswear brand and to drive traffic to the eye care professional.

About Nikon Optical Canada
For more than 100 years, Nikon has pioneered the optical industry and for over three decades Nikon has revolutionized prescription lenses.

The Nikon Japanese heritage influences the way we work to constantly improve precision, protection and aesthetics to benefit your patients. Nikon strives to push boundaries and deliver a premium client experience, through continuous innovation.

Nikon’s ultimate goal is to create value for ECP partners and their patients.

For more information, about how you can leverage the Nikon brand, please contact your NikonBusiness Development Partner.