Avulux today announced that Cherry Optical Lab (COL), an independent optical lab based in Green Bay, WI, is now a distributor of Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses. Avulux is the innovator behind the world’s only clinically proven lens for people living with migraine and light sensitivity.

“We are pleased to welcome Cherry Optical Lab as an Authorized Avulux Lab,” said Dr. Charles Posternack, President and Co-Founder of Avulux. “Avulux lenses enable eye care providers to act as a front-line defense in helping people with migraine and light sensitivity to manage the impact of light on their daily lives. Cherry Optical Lab’s extensive network of ECP partners will help to ensure the lenses reach more of the people who need them.”

“With Avulux, we have a new solution to offer our customers that goes beyond the normal realm of basic lens solutions,” said Adam Cherry, President of Cherry Optical Lab. “COL wants to ensure independent eye care professionals can access the latest lens technologies to further leverage their competitiveness. Avulux offers a previously unavailable, non-medication solution to assist people living with migraine and light sensitivity. We’re confident that Avulux can help the world have more Happy Humans through their patented light-filtering technology lenses.”

Eye care providers (ECPs) who partner with Cherry Optical Lab will have access to Avulux’s efficient supply chain, bulk/wholesale discounts and bonuses, as well as a robust offering of informational and promotional materials to support ECPs in making Avulux lenses available in their practices. Avulux and its Authorized Labs stand behind the lenses with warranties and guarantees.

For more information about Cherry Optical Lab, visit https://cherryopticallab.com/.

For more information about Avulux, visit www.avulux.com.