The Canadian Dry Eye Summit is Canada’s premium dry eye event. Learn from experts in the field so you can effectively diagnose your patients and offer them exceptional education. If you can’t make it to Toronto, register for the virtual event!

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Kevin Wilhelm 

Kevin Wilhlem is the President and Co-founder of Marketing4ECPs, a digital advertising agency that specializes in marketing for eye care professionals. In Kevin’s talk, you will learn about the importance of dry eye marketing and how you can utilize a wide range of digital solutions to target dry eye patients.

Dr. Kading

Dr. Kading is not only an optometrist but also an author and podcast host. Dr. Kading specializes in dry eye and will be doing a couple of talks that include understanding the science of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and the Lacrimal Functional Unit and how it can help us get to a cohesive diagnostic protocol.

Dr. McCann

Dr. McCann is passionate about educating the next generation of optometrists. Join his talk about procedure-based treatments for MGD. With so many treatment options at our fingertips, how do we decide what treatments to invest in? Join the discussion of which treatments to use and how each can impact our practice from an efficiency, patient experience and ROI standpoint.

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Dry eye disease is a big opportunity in the eye care industry. Marketing4ECPs was at the forefront of the trend when only a few select practices targeted this medical niche. Since then, we have worked with some of the top dry eye practices in North America.

Many optometrists and ophthalmologists invest heavily in dry eye diagnostic and treatment technology. We can help increase your ROI and get more patients through your door for dry eye services. Let us show you how!

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