ETNIA BARCELONA celebrates its 20th anniversary by expanding its Heritage Collection with new models, paying tribute to their symbolic Wild Love in Africa collection. The corresponding campaign – Zebra – convinces us with its powerful and expressive images, so we award the Catalan brand a Campaign AwardZebra is not only an homage to the beauty of African wildlife, but also to the philosophy of ETNIA BARCELONA.

The new collection is a love letter to Africa, celebrating its rich culture, traditions, and vibrant colors. The models of the Heritage Collection were inspired by unique textures that were influenced by the landscapes of the African continent.

Pop-art-inspired acetate shapes that recreate the patterns of “animal print” in vibrant colors like bubblegum pinkorangefluorescent greenblack, or white have been added to the collection. The three models made from Mazzucchelli’s natural acetate are 7mm thick and have 3D indentations that give the glasses a relief effect and increase wearing comfort. The collection’s models are equipped with mineral lenses with HD color technology that offer a unique viewing experience.

The new models are showcased in the Zebra campaign. ETNIA BARCELONA hired Moroccan-born, Belgium-based photographer Mous Lamrabat for the campaign, emphasizing their connection to art and culture. Mous’ work in Zebra celebrates Moroccan culture. The campaign mixes the life-affirming colors of the Heritage Collection with the colors of the African desert. The images from the Zebra campaign are expressive snapshots that show elements of everyday life in Morocco, placed in a new context. The campaign not only reflects Mous’ personal commitment, but also shows once again that ETNIA BARCELONA values artists by giving them the opportunity to unfold their own DNA. For us, Zebra is primarily a visually skilled staging of products.