Persol unveils its first campaign of 2024, proving the power of enduring quality and craftsmanship

Persol persists in its quest for continual evolution with the launch of the new campaign: a glorious celebration of quality and craft, executed with impeccable fl air. Carving a unique space in the contemporary to hold its unmatched heritage, the campaign offers a fresh way to think about iconicity.

The N1 campaign creates a visual universe that elevates artisanal perfection, exploring the power of its presence. Starring Chiara Scelsi and Marcos Fecchino, each black and white portrait embarks on an exploration of contemporary iconicity. Composed in parallel, two piercing photographs exude strength of character – both intrinsic to the self, and to each iconic Persol creation.

Photographed with mesmerising purity, minimal product shots sit side by side with striking style propositions. Each intricate study of the eyewear speaks to Persol’s meticulous att ention to detail, designed with precision down to every last groove.

As an arresting overlay, the Persol logo plays out between the model and lens; a commanding signature that serves to underscore the brand’s eternal allure. Bold, graphic, immortal, the new campaign captures the brand’s core pillars with conviction. And it’s nothing short of a work of art.

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