Seeing the world in its beauty and transforming it into something completely new is NIRVAN JAVAN’s cosmopolitan credo. Thus, the brand has dedicated itself to this philosophy not only in the design of eyeglass frames, but also in art.

New, digital worlds

Together with Swiss musician MEGA, the brand set itself the goal of creating a completely new, audiovisual experience. The video for the song “Berger” was thus not shot and edited by camera as usual. It was created entirely on the computer.

In a completely digitized world, a 3D generated model of the artist performs his song. So, he also wears completely animated models of the new SHADES OF TORONTO. Strange worlds, which are actually beyond our possibilities, suddenly become travelable through this technology. Futuristic worlds, suddenly become real. It is a step into a new world.

NIRVAN JAVAN in the world of art

Art is close to the brand’s heart. It supports the passion and passion of young, emerging artists. “Berger” marks NIRVAN JAVAN’s first step to support young musicians and artists and to keep expanding the scope of possibilities. Whether musical, cinematic, or digital, no sphere is left untouched. New experiences are created here, a new world is traveled.