Introducing the Prestigious ic! berlin x Mercedes-Benz 2024 Collection, where sophistication meets innovation:

Immerse yourself in the luxurious MB 17, exuding elegance with its square split lens shape and unisex appeal. Discover the distinctive MB 18, perfect for navigator-lovers while offering a sportive style. Elevate your style with MB 19 and MB 20, both carrying exceptional details inspired by the Mercedes-Benz cars.

Step into the realm of exclusivity with the ic! berlin x AMG 2024 Collections, showcasing a modern edginess. Experience the allure of AMG 12, a sporty frame featuring a hidden pop of color on the insides of each temple. AMG 13 is for fearless minds who embrace the athletic-wraparound fit. Like AMG 12AMG 14, and AMG 15 both display a colorful subtle pop. AMG 14 and AMG 15 are the first collaboration of ic! berlin’s paper-thin feel technology, FLEXARBON®. The FLEXARBON® collection is made of extraordinarily lightweight aerospace technology.

Experience the pinnacle of versatility and performance with the ic! berlin x Mercedes-Benz & ic! berlin x AMG Collection 2024.