J.F. REY introduces its new inspirations for KIDS aged 4 to 12. High qualitative and stylish glasses fitted to young glasses wearers at different stages of their lives.Characterful design shaped around unique shapes and exclusive colors in the same artistic vein as the adult collection. Offering a wide variety of unique styles and color ranges, J.F. REY allow every child to find the frame that best suits their personality and individual looking preferences.

Somewhere above the Sky

Inspiring and brilliantly inventive, the KIDS line embarks children (and their parents)on an imaginary journey somewhere above the sky, in the galactic sphere. A universe of style where creativity knows no bounds and invites you to see the world differently, through a new lens. The collection reveals innovative designs which capture the imagination and elevate the look to stellar heights.Driven by singularity and cheerfulness, designers explore acetate materials using all the J.F. REY’s chromatic imagination:distinctive colored expressions, graphic rhythms and fun creative details that create wonder and make the youngest dream. Heavenly colors, cosmic brilliance, and sparkling effects reminiscent of stardust shake the cosmos, adding a magical dimension to each pair of glasses.

All the frames offer an adjustment and measurements perfectly fitted to the faces of the youngest, ensuring they feel good in their glasses and enjoy wearing them everyday: beautifully designed and balanced shapes, nose heights adapted to their morphology to offer them the best visual comfort, acetate temples that allow a customizable fit, and Flex hinges to ensure comfort and excellent support.