The BOZ collectionwasin the spotlight this week at the Japan Eyewear Awardceremony,IOFT2022.A newwelcomedrewardhonoringall the J.F. REY teams.Strikingfor its evocativeshaping and provocative colors, the model NINETTE9040 won this prestigious internationalcompetition in the DESIGN category. An even more appreciated distinction as BOZ was theonly European brands to be rewarded this year. For the J.F.REY’ teams, this price is a newopportunity tobrightthe meticulous and creative know-how of the brand, also the Maison,always appreciated for its originality and the inexhaustible inventiveness of its collections.



The model NINETTEis a truedeclaration of love, deeply coming from the heart. It expressesthe idea of a wonderful world, a joyful utopia allowing all transgressions. Its very evocativedesign is an interpretation of the temptation, the “forbidden fruit”: a generous heartshaping,appealing mix in acidcolorsetfeline prints. An asymmetrical acetate collageswas especiallyworked on thecorner of theeyefor to give the gaze more sparkling, audace and intensity. Anew signature design which conures the brand’s chromaticimagination in new stylisticperformances, always sensual and incredibly feminine.