Empowered by our vision
We produce carbon-neutral with offsetting


Opening our eyes to new possibilities is part of being Empowered by Lightness and our long-term thinking. With an eye on the future, we are taking our responsibility towards the
planet seriously. At Silhouette we have a clear vision for the future – Empowered by Lighntess, in everything we do and especially when it comes to sustainability. We want to
be the forerunners in sustainable innovation, in harmony with environmental protection.

We are carbon-neutral with offsetting
Today on the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies we have achieved our aim of reaching net zero CO2 emissions with offsetting in our eyewear production. We are proud to have arrived at this goal via a combination of reduction initiatives, including not only purchasing but also producing our own green electricity. 

Achieving net zero
We rely on the power of nature. All of our electricity comes from a mix of CO2-free sustainable sources including solar, wind, hydro, biomass and biogas. Thanks to our solar panels, we will be able to additionally self-generate 13% of our production’s energy needs in 2023. This is equivalent to the volume of CO2 that it would take for 13,361 trees to capture from the atmosphere each year. 



We are not stopping there though. The remaining CO2 is offset with initiatives certified by non-profit organisation Gold Standard Foundation providing solar energy in the Global South. This project contributes to improving air quality and living conditions, as well as employment opportunitites.

As a market leader, we have the opportunity to actively shape the future and to encourage our stakeholders to be sharp-eyed and on the look-out, to always question and to stand up for changes with courage and conviction, because only then we can turn our visions into reality.

At Silhouette being Empowered by Lighntess is at our core.
You can contribute to a sustainable world by investing in our products.