Götti Switzerland received the LOVE EYEWEAR AWARD 24 for the sustainable frame of the year with BIONIC. This prize was awarded to the most sustainable unisex frame. The judges placed particular emphasis on the fact that the glasses are manufactured locally and in an environmentally friendly way, using sustainable materials.

The concept behind BIONIC is straightforward: it‘s a sustainable eyewear collection focused on reduction and simplification. From material to construction, production, and packaging, every aspect is geared towards creating resource-saving glasses in line with the ethos of, slow eyewear.“

Frames are crafted from castor bean plant seeds for 3D printing, with a single material used throughout and featuring a screwless hinge inspired by human ball-and-socket joints. Also the frames are made in Götti Switzerlands own manufacturing in Switzerland. Available in timeless colors and customizable sizes for a perfect fit, the collection also includes eco-friendly kraft paper packaging that doubles as two different eyewear cases. In essence, BIONIC represents a fusion of sustainability, innovation, and timeless design.