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The most important part of treating a family is seeing all of the family members!

Often, there will be members of the family who don’t think anything is wrong with their vision, so they may not book an appointment. It’s helpful to use some appointment time to educate families about other members and why they may need preventative exams, or what an eye exam could do for them. When seeing one family member, asking the right questions about other people in their household and demonstrating the value of eye exams for various conditions (e.g. showing pictures, trialing lenses, etc.) can help them see the importance of why all members should be seen. The value of this education can vary from understanding genetic eye diseases to diagnosing reading/learning issues.”

Exceed expectations

Nowadays, delivering exactly what’s promised is a blanket expectation, so taking this approach alone won’t develop cheering fans or customers that will return. Businesses that go above and beyond, however, encourage people to share experiences with others. And achieving this needn’t be a massive effort: basic steps like making sure you listen to them, take the time to serve then attentively, and be real with your interaction with them…that’s what people remember…that’s what makes a huge difference.






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