SNOB Milano brings its two souls to Mido: the young, eccentric, bold, colourful soul that characterises the sunglasses collection and the super technical, understated and strong personality of the optical collection with magnetic solar clip-ons. Trend, fashion and avant-garde vs. technical perfection and attention to detail. Two sides of the same coin, ying and yang. One does not exclude the otherrather they reinforce each other, dialogue, sometimes meet and exchange roles. Two souls, two targets, two visual, aesthetic and communication languages.

And it is precisely the new SNOB Milano sun campaign that attracts attention in this edition of Mido: WonderSnob, IncredibleSnob, ItaloSnob, NarcoSnob, etc. Irreverent as always, the stars of the campaign pose, wink, and provoke the viewer with the subtle irony that has always been a feature of the brand. Starting with the name: that snobbish adjective always on the border between lightness and seriousness. These are glasses designed for those who do not like to be confined by definitions, or be subject to constraints: they are glasses for wearers who want to express their personality with maximum freedom, without prejudice.

Born to dare. This is the debut of Extasià and California, the two absolute star styles of the season: very low, pointed, feminine in the case of the former; low, wraparound and unisex for the latter. Both noticeably inspired by the eighties and nineties, they are silhouettes that will ensure the wearer does not go unnoticed. The chromatic options of these models were also designed to amaze: twelve colours that range from classic black and white to lime and mustard…

Ying and yang. While the sunglasses collection is amazing, and makes you say ‘wow!’, the clip-on collection is more comforting and balanced and makes you exclaim ‘ooooh!’. They are models that turn towards an effective and visual lightness. The five new plastic models are less bulky than the previous ones, while the three new titanium models – a material that has entered the collection in all respects and has become an absolute mainstay since its debut – choose a single-piece milled front that allows for greater play with styles and volumes. It is a broad, targeted range, perfectly balanced and thoughtfully designed down to the smallest details, characterised by the excellence of the manufacturing and the quality of the materials. A collection that has rightfully entered the high range of the clip segment because it is loved not only by the final audience, but above all by the direct interlocutors of the brand: opticians, who recognise the brand and its production company for its quality and precision.

Come & Visit us @ MIDO Hall 1, booth A2-B1


SNOB Milano

SNOB Milano is an eyewear collection designed and produced entirely in Italy, in  the Lombard eyewear district, which represents the excellence of magnetic clip-on glasses thanks to an exclusive small “Z” on the sun filters: the ZEISS Sunlens logo, to guarantee quality and  optical excellence throughout the range. The SNOB Milano project arose ten years ago from a meeting between the two men currently at the brand’s helm: Dino Sordelli, sales manager of the Sordelli production company, and Tommaso Bossetti, a Milanese designer whose strong aesthetic sense is combined with a remarkable realism. In recent years, SNOB Milano has successfully introduced new trends and design currents as part of the cohesive evolution of a collection that is centred on the product and the user, positioning itself as an impactful creator and trendsetter. From a simple concept collection that broke into the market with a simple but brilliant idea based on the concept of a flat lens, it is now a complete collection with a highly recognisable brand identity that is much appreciated all over the world. Proof of this is the strong partnership forged with ZEISS Sunlens for a signature collection of optical glasses with magnetic solar clip-ons: an exclusive partnership that ensures the production of all the solar clips in the collection, which guarantees high quality and optical excellence.