Myopia Profile Visitor Data Indicates Surging Global Interest in Research, Interventions, and Clinical Practice

Professional and Parent Website Use Reveals Record Engagement and Impact

Myopia Profile, the globally recognized clinical myopia management information center for eye care professionals (ECPs), today announced significant growth of traffic and engagement on its website, The 50% year-over-year increases signal widespread and accelerating interest in myopia etiology, prevention, interventions, and clinical practices.

Innovative features and expanded functionalities were added to the site last year to offer more comprehensive product and scientific information. The subsequent surge in usage reflects continued interest in ECP demand for myopia resources and educational materials for their practices, further advancing the myopia management category and positive patient outcomes.

“Revamping our website was a significant undertaking, and the payoff has been truly rewarding as we reviewed the year-end results,” said Dr. Kate Gifford, co-founder of Myopia Profile. “With over 200 countries seeking information on diverse topics in myopia and children’s vision care, it’s evident that there’s huge appetite for high quality and effective content. We’re delighted to offer invaluable and ever-expanding resources, aiding in the fight against the escalating myopia epidemic.”

The top six countries accessing Myopia Profile’s free content were the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Singapore, respectively. Users explored a diverse range of topics, encompassing axial length, myopia control spectacle lenses, contact lenses, and atropine; clinical techniques for children, and adult myopia management. Notably, the site’s new search feature and world-first Myopia Control Product Compendium revealed significant interest in spectacle lenses such as Stellest® and MiYOSMART, as well as for MiSight® 1 day myopia control contact lenses. Searches related to atropine also demonstrated substantial growth.

In addition, Myopia Profile observed significant growth on, its consumer-facing website dedicated to providing parents with accessible, evidence-based information on myopia and its management at no cost. The platform aims to enhance awareness and education, with visitors soaring following extensive upgrades completed about 18 months ago. Here, orthokeratology and atropine emerged as the top-performing and fastest-growing search terms. Additionally, there has been a rise in searches regarding axial length and screen time, suggesting a transfer of prevention and care information from ECPs to caregivers. The three most popular topics were screen time, atropine eye drops, and spectacles.

“We consistently engage with users to ensure we deliver the most relevant information tailored to their needs and practices,” said Dr. Gifford. “By listening to their feedback, in combination with keeping our eyes on the latest research, we can update our site with the most current information available. This ongoing process is rewarding because we understand that we are delivering precisely what ECPs need to assist their patients effectively.”

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