• AI/ML Innovations Inc. is driving the next wave of AI AR Technologies with Multi-Billion Global Partners, CEO Paul Duffy Shares Vision of Transformative Healthcare Technologies
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AI/ML Innovations Inc. (CSE:AIML)(OTCQB:AIMLF)(FWB:42FB), a leading company committed to acquiring and advancing Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning technologies that address urgent societal needs, is pleased to provide an update to the announcement from its minority-owned subsidiary, Tech2Heal SAS.

In a recent milestone, Tech2heal, entered a consortium led by Essilor International, propelling the development of a groundbreaking Augmented Reality Eyewear platform named “POPULAR.” This ambitious project promises to redefine how we interact with technology across various sectors, from healthcare to leisure, and positions Europe as a leader in the Augmented Reality Eyewear market. Tech2heal’s pivotal role in developing an app environment tailored to this hardware marks a significant step towards unlocking innovative solutions in the digital health landscape.

Paul Duffy, CEO of AI/ML Innovations Inc., shares his visionary perspective: “The convergence of AI and AR technologies is opening up unprecedented possibilities in healthcare. From a ‘ChatGPT-style Health Coach’ to revolutionizing patient care, we see a future where smart glasses play a pivotal role in enhancing well-being, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this transformative wave.”

Duffy highlights that this merging of technologies is well underway due to the wide array of market opportunities and versatile use cases. Ranging from telehealth and patient monitoring to medical procedure training and high-performance sports applications, the potential is limitless. He foresees a future where AI and AR-enabled smart glasses play a transformative role in healthcare, akin to a “portable wearable healthcare solution,” reshaping the industry.

AI/ML recently made headlines with a strategic deal with Luxottica, a $78 billion eyewear giant. This collaboration opens doors to unprecedented opportunities in the global eyewear market. Luxottica, known for brands like Ray-Ban, has already ventured into Meta glasses, setting the stage for a transformative partnership.

These developments are part of AI/ML’s cohesive framework, which focuses on capturing, analyzing, and taking action in the cloud with the help of AI, ML, and neural nets. The company is poised to drive the next wave of AI AR technologies, collaborating with multi-billion-dollar global partners.

The vision is clear: AI+AR smart glasses are set to become a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity in the global healthcare industry.

About Tech2healhttps://www.tech2heal.com/

Tech2heal is a Paris-based company at the vanguard of AI-driven digital health solutions. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, Tech2heal strives to harness cutting-edge technologies to elevate human well-being. The company’s expertise spans artificial intelligence, healthcare, and wearable technology, with a mission to revolutionize the future of digital health.

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AI/ML Innovations Inc. has realigned its business operations to capitalize on the burgeoning fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), with an initial investment focus on emerging digital health and wellbeing companies that leverage AI, ML, cloud computing and digital platforms to drive transformative healthcare management solutions and precision support delivery across the health continuum. Through strategic partnerships with Health Gauge (95.2% owned by AI/ML), Tech2Heal (up to 22% ownership rights, with 12.44% currently owned by AI/ML), AI Rx Inc. (70% owned by AI/ML) and other planned accretive investments, the Company continues to capitalize on expanding growth areas, to the benefit of all the Company’s stakeholders. AI/ML’s shares are traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol “AIML”, the OTCQB Venture Market under “AIMLF”, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under “42FB”.

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