The use of electronic devices, whether in small or large format, changes viewing  habits. ZEISS BlueGuard is a new generation of blue light blocking lenses, it addresses  today’s technology and digital media usage in the “new normal”. The blue light  blocking properties are now incorporated into the lens material itself. As a result,  ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses provide excellent lens clarity as well as blocking of up to 40  percent of the potentially harmful and irritating blue light in the wavelength between  400 and 455 nanometers (nm)1, which is known to be linked to digital eye strain. ZEISS BlueGuard blocks a part of the blue light spectrum that could exacerbate  symptoms of digital eye strain, including tired eyes, blurred vision, sleep disturbances  and dry or irritated eyes. The positive properties of blue light, ranging from about 455  to 500 nm, remain unaffected. 

“While the scientific discussion about blue light exposures continues, ZEISS BlueGuard  incorporates the latest organic-chemical technology to make the blue light blocking  an integral part of the chemical structure of the lens material. Built on the foundation  of our UVProtect technology, ZEISS BlueGuard additionally offers full UV protection  up to 400 nm,” said Bryan Rossi, President at Carl Zeiss Vision Canada Inc. “By  reducing glare, our new material-based approach contributes in preventing eye strain  while providing comfortable, relaxed vision and increased contrast.” 

ZEISS BlueGuard are designed for all-day use and offer an additional comfort aspect  that reduces eye strain and allows relaxed working conditions.  

A common feedback of many blue lights blocking solutions are irritating and  disturbing reflections on the lens surface. Such reflections can cause cosmetic  irritation to the observer and distract the wearer. Especially indoor environments,  where displays or LEDs are the main sources of illumination, these reflections tend to  be more visible. As blue light blocking properties now are incorporated into the lens  material, ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses come standard with ZEISS DuraVision Platinum UV.  This premium anti-reflection coating with its subtle blue residual reflection ensures  the wearer does not get annoyed by irritating reflections and the eyes are clearly  visible behind the lenses. Compared to the current blue light coating ZEISS DuraVision 

BlueProtect, the reflections of digital blue light are reduced by up to 50 percent2 The  result is high lens clarity with significantly lower visible reflections of digital blue light. 

ZEISS BlueGuard is available for the ZEISS portfolio of clear lenses. Please click here to  learn more.