ZEAL Optics announced today that the brand will be launching in Europe, Canada, and Australia. Recently rebranded, ZEAL is the only company in the world that makes all their sunglass frames using Z-Resin, a plant-based material instead of crude oil, through their grounded initiative and commitment to eco responsibility. Also known for their revolutionary advances in goggles technology, ZEAL continues to push the market forward with its new collection and its iON HD camera goggles. ZEAL’s goggle and sunglass collections are molded perfectly for the active consumer that does not want to have to sacrifice fashion for function.
“ZEAL’s growth has been exponential and we are excited to launch the brand globally. The quality and craftsmanship that all the pieces have are a testament to the passion the team has for perfection and continued advancements.” John Sanchez, ZEAL’s president. “We have a great product and are looking forward to the launch.”
ZEAL uses the highest quality materials, so that consumers get more out of theireyewear. The ultimate in active lens performance, Hyperion™ by ZEAL sets the standard for what an outdoor sunglass lens should be. The unique polycarbonate nylon blend allows for an increase in optics, while exceeding ANSI impact resistance standards, defining a lens that is perfect for everyday use. With the new sunglass lifestyle line, ZEAL presents a fashion forward collection without loosing performance qualities, including ProFlex™ rubber on the temples that keep the sunglasses on your face no matter how active your life gets.
“ZEAL translates beyond borders to those who don’t want to sacrifice style for performance. Our consumers need product that can go with them up the mountain or through the streets of Paris, every step of the way and we’re happy to provide it,” said Joe Prebich, director of marketing for ZEAL.
ZEAL also will be launching its entire goggle collection just in time for winter in Europe. The 2013 collection is forged from the ideas of travelers, designers, athletes and engineers all with thesingle goal to craft the world’s most defining goggle collection. Each goggle has elements of art, design, function and technology that give consumers the ability to do more on the mountain.