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Youth Driving Eyewear Industry

Ensuring children have the proper eyecare is key to preventing long-term health risks. Eyecare providers are responsible for providing parents and children with accurate information. A positive trip to an ECP will guarantee that parents and kids return for follow-up visits and eye health is protected for years to come.
In this issue of Optical Prism, we look at how ECPs and parents can work together to make getting a pair of glasses a more comfortable experience for kids. We offer tips on helping children adapt to their new glasses as well as highlight some of the hottest styles that kids will love wearing.
More families are turning to online eyewear for convenience and price. ECPs are struggling to find their place in the online retail landscape. Meanwhile, online eyewear companies are trying to find ways to build a store presence. In this issue of Optical Prism, we look at how ECPs can navigate this growing side of the eyewear industry and still increase business.
We talk to Clearly CEO Roy Hessel on the company’s recent name change and new options for consumers.
We also look at how new online companies are working to include the ECP in the dispensing of eyewear to ensure that any pair of glasses ordered online fits industry standards.
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Sarah McGoldrick
Managing Editor

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