By Trudi Charest, RO

What do you say when the customer say’s “you’re too expensive?” Are you and your staff prepared to compete?

In today’s crazy market you have to be ready to overcome objections and change customer perception to win back business.

With the influx of low-cost online providers and the increase in customers searching online, it is not surprising that we are having to defend our pricing more than ever before.

If you sell high-end designer eyewear and high definition, fully coated, personalized lenses, you’re pricing is going to reflect it and be challenged.

Here are a few tips on what to say when you hear – “you’re too expensive”:

Own it! What to say…

“Depends what you are comparing it to. Our prices are very competitive when you are comparing apples to apples. We carry only the latest high-quality designer eyewear and newest technology in high-definition lenses. We want you to have the best vision possible so we only sell the best products that stand up over time. Just like other products (use cell phones or TV’s as examples), you can buy older technology or no name products but you wouldn’t buy a flip phone now would you?”

Educate! What to say…

“Yes, some products online are less expensive, some are even downright cheap, but understand that you always get what you pay for. Really investigate the site you are buying from to ensure you are buying from somewhere in Canada not another country. Look at return policies and ask about quality and lens technology. Do you really want a generation of lenses from four years ago?  Last, please realize that your vision is very important to us and we want to ensure you are getting properly measured and fitted for eyewear.

That is almost impossible to get online. When you buy from here, you get us including all of our service, warranties, follow up and guarantees. We will always make sure you are well looked after.”

Offer an alternative! What to say…
“Well, we have chosen one of our latest designer frames and I have quoted you on the latest technology in high-definition lenses which is why the price is what it is. You are getting the best of the best which does come in at a higher price point but we could certainly look at some lower-cost frames and we even have some designers on clearance. We also offer a layaway plan. Put 50% deposit down today and pay $100 a month until the balance is paid. You’re going to wear these every day for the next few years so get the ones you really want. These look fabulous on you so I hope we can find a way to help you afford them.”

Final thoughts…

I have never had a problem spending money on an item or service if the salesperson connects it to a benefit in my life or lifestyle. People really don’t want old generation or cheap no name eyewear; they just don’t know what they are getting if no one takes the time to educate them.

Trudi Charest is the Co-Founder and CTO of 4ECPs, an eyecare resource company. 4ECPs has several divisions including Marketing4ECPs, Jobs4ECPs, Training4ECPs, SocialMedia4ECPs, Events4ECPs & Payments4ECPs.

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