By David Goldberg

Must-have frames for women in 2020 range from minimalist metal styles to head-turning eyewear with crystals and jewels.

Safilo’s chief licenced brand and global product officer Vladimiro Baldin says we will be seeing a return to elegance and opulence this year.

“Swarovski crystals ranging from small stones to bigger, colourful jewels, touches of glitter and gold tones on frames and lenses, are a few examples of some of the sophisticated elements used to create more dramatic, glamorous looks that we’ll be seeing in the year ahead,” he says.

Those looks can easily be achieved with the can’t-miss Jimmy Choo Shine/S or the delightfully outrageous frames sported with the Marc Jacobs Marc 487/S.

2020 is going to be all about the overall exploration and many facets of lightness.

“After many seasons of heavier frames,” says Baldin, “the result is an offering of luxe but lightweight constructions in acetate sheath, metal and titanium and metal with injected/acetate rims.”

In that frame of mind, don’t forget to check out the kate spade New York Audri/G.

At Canadian Optical Supply Co., officials say clear and transparent frames, which were an emerging trend in 2019, is a style that is here to stay.

“Crystal clear, light hues of blues, greens and nudes and even holographic and iridescent finishes are the perfect accessory for your best 2020,” says Crystal Geoghegan, product lead/buyer at COS.

That’s why Silhouette, which is distributed by COS and is always a top name when it comes to ultra-light and ultra-cutting-edge frames, has the perfect fit for this year’s trends with its TMA 20 Years Anniversary Collection.

Alternative/Plan “B” Eyewear says another hot trend in 2020 will be frames featuring new acetates.

“New acetates are coming out featuring exceptional colours and bigger, rounder designs,” says Cassandra Slepian, director of sales and marketing. 

Slepain says that combined metal and acetate will bridge the divide between metal and acetate models, using delicate metal accents to really make these frames pop. 

“Round seems to be slowing down, with more interesting eye shapes taking its place, including more geometric shapes, oversized, rounder cat-eyes and new shapes all together,” she says.

Popular colours include rose gold, pinks and coloured crystals. Alternative/Plan “B” Eyewear is going full steam ahead on these trends and colour palette. 

From the Glacée collection, the GL6928 is an ultra-light frame with a playful top and a bright pop of colour. 

For even more fun, the Grace collection offers the G8073 with eye-catching arms and a bold pattern in demi grey and gold.

At Centennial Optical, director of product development Linda Mulford-Hum says the minimalist trend in home, apparel and accessories fashion has taken over everything. 

“People are making a statement of individuality by choosing less and by choosing more selectively,” she says. “Eyewear is certainly no different. Consumers want craftsmanship and the hand appeal of a quality-made product.”

Centennial is using its popular TLG (Thin. Light. Glasses) brand to give the market ultra-thin titanium and stainless steel frames. But also, high-density and compression plastics in thickness that mimics metal.

Centennial is also inspiring with its Aspire line. The frames have five editions to help the wearer make a particular statement: Caring, Committed, Diligent, Sassy and Successful.

Then, for something extra fun, there’s the CX1076 by Christian Lacroix, featuring a lively blue leaf pattern.

At Optika Eyewear, Richard Allan says another top trend in 2020 will be the return of the double-bridge frames for women.

Model ST9039 is one of the frames in Optika’s Soho Tech Eyewear line that features stainless steel construction with a new take on double bar designs.

“We will also be featuring new oversized acetate eyewear designs, with a new take on the cat eye,” says Optika Eyewear’s Richard Allan about the new Blaine & Taylor models for 2020.

This includes the Model BT2534, featuring new textured acetates, to give maximum impact and style.

This collection will feature 10 new models for both men and women.

WestGroupe, meanwhile, is planning to add two new styles to its KLiiK collection for women that feature rich colour combinations and unique patterns.

Style K-662 is a modified square frame that uses two-tone colouration on the front to contrast against the bridge and temples with a matte finish. This stainless-steel style is available in black purple, charcoal teal, ivory champagne and blush silver.

The carved detailing on style K-665 showcases the colour-blocking effect on the browline and temples. The carving technique is used to create the paisley pattern along the end pieces and hinges plus the dotted pattern along the temples. This style is available in black rose, brown sand, teal grey and wine eggplant.

Beverly Suliteanu, WestGroupe’s vice-president of product development, says unique colourways and bold designs will define its Fysh collection for January 2020.

“We are showcasing custom laminations,” she says. “Along with metallic hues and vibrant colour combinations inspired by the latest runway looks, the new collection offers trendsetting eyewear, perfect for the strong, ambitious women who embrace individual style.”

Style F-3645 takes a classic metal navigator and adds a feminine pop of colour along the brow. The colour is finished in a matte look that contrasts the high-polished metal frame. This style is offered in gold black, gold brown, silver blue and rose gold violet.

Stainless steel style F-3647 is a modified oval with a thin profile. The subtle style pops in metallic hues enhanced by the animal print along the browline and temples. Finished in a high-gloss epoxy, this style is available in bronze python, grey zebra, teal crocodile and gold leopard.

René Gerber, senior marketing manager – North America for Bollé Brands, says round-shaped sunglasses will continue to trend in 2020, but new hues will surely dazzle. 

“Next season you will find colours such as crystals, earthy tones and neutrals at the forefront,” she says.

Serengetti is right in line with this palette, offering both the Raffaele and Leonora models in crystal, shiny caramel and shiny beige.