Refined, extremely light, environmentally friendly and now also adjustable. WooDone never ceases to amaze and at Mido14 it will be introducing a world first in the field of wooden frames. After months of design and research, the style and design office of the company from South Tyrol has developed a special glue to bend wooden frames so they can be perfectly adjusted without breaking. Applied between the layers of wood that constitute each WooDone frame, when warmed this glue makes it possible to adjust the wood to improve the fit and general comfort of the frames. When you have made the necessary adjustments, all you need to do is cool down the glasses so they maintain their shape. Voilà!

WooDone looks forward to demonstrating this incredible new innovation to you at Mido, next week.They will be onsite at Pavillion 24 – Stand C3.

Bending a pair of wooden WooDone glasses is very simple. Firstly, heat the glasses at 150° for around 20-30 seconds so the wood becomes flexible and soft. Then carefully bend the arms or front − following the grain of the wood − to obtain the desired shape and, finally, cool under cold running tap water. For further information watch the video:

WooDone glasses – “handmade in South Tyrol” – are carved from a single piece of wood composed of eight layers of chipboard obtained from recycled cherry, acacia and walnut tree materials with certified origins from Alto Adige. Eight layers glued together that form a panel from which the front and the temples are carved using a specially designed technology that keeps the natural grain of the wood intact right along the frame, thus making each model unique and original.
Over sixty processing steps, the majority of which carried out by the expert hands of the artisans of Alto Adige, guarantee a product that is highly refined in every detail, with the utmost quality and a frame that weighs just 13 grams.

The temples are completely smooth thanks to the application of screwless flex hinges that are invisible to the naked eye, and are produced from a special alloy that guarantees their long-lasting durability and functionality.

The final lacquering with a non-toxic EC-certified transparent varnish – also used for wooden children toys – completes the frame, making it hypoallergenic, environmentally-friendly, ultra-resistant and easy to clean. Finally, the simple cold system for inserting lenses means that the frames can feature prescription or sun lenses.

Alto Adige quality, Italian design and German precision: in a word, WooDone.
WooDone, done by nature, designed for your eyes.