WestGroupe will be unveiling their completely redesigned booth at Vision Expo East, from March 31 to April 2 in New York, NY.

The new booth features a bright open concept and reflects WestGroupe’s fashion-forward, contemporary take on eyewear.

The new lounge-inspired seating areas at the front of the booth add a welcoming atmosphere to the new, sophisticated design. With private meeting rooms located at either end of the booth and bright, uncluttered order desks, customers will be able to see the new collections in their best light.

Another feature of the new booth is the glass display cases located around the perimeter where the hottest new styles will be showcased.

“When we were designing the new booth, we wanted to create a more intimate, uncluttered setting that would put the focus on our collections,” says Michael Suliteanu, President of WestGroupe. “I think that we have succeeded in creating an inviting environment for our customers to come and experience our premium selection of eyewear brands.”