As the year winds down, many of us find ourselves reminiscing about the one that has passed. Kliik’s 2023 fall release, however, takes a unique journey further back in the past, exploring retro styles that have stood the test of time. By reintegrating their vintage appeal with modern adaptations, this collection caters to men and women seeking a narrower fit without compromising on comfort and style.
Kliik introduces two men’s styles dedicated to capturing the wearer’s personality while providing a tailored narrow fit. Featuring geometric silhouettes and high-quality acetate, they strike a harmonious balance between form and function.  K-747 distinguishes itself with its chunky Mazzuchelli acetate, beveling across the eye rim and a step-down bridge, offering a nostalgic yet stylish design. To address the needs of those with a low bridge, K-747 has built-up acetate nosepads, allowing for a more universal fit. K-747 is available in three colourways: Slate, Crystal, and Olive Smoke. K-750 boasts a comparable silhouette to K-747 but with softer lines, catering to men who value a discreet style. Its rounded square shape, thin temple profile, and vintage rivet hinges make it the perfect transitional frame suitable for both day and nighttime wear. Colourways include Blue Smoke, Grey Gradient, and Green Moss.
A trend of soft elegance defines Kliik’s three women’s styles this fall. Vintage silhouettes pay homage to the past while incorporating modern features and narrow fits to cater to today’s wearer. Feminine shapes are thoughtfully paired with unique colour combinations. K-748 puts its own twist on the classic round shape by adding peaked corners at the top and offer­­­ing a range of shiny and matte colourful tones to contrast the bottom half of the stainless frame. The integrated spring hinge ensures both comfort and style. You can choose from four elegant colourways: Black Rose Gold, Brown Rose Gold, Cranberry Copper, and Sage Rose Gold. K-749, with its angular eyeshape and on-trend snakeskine pattern will pair beautifully with Fall accessories. The pattern is subtly integrated through a raised texture effect along the top half of the front and moves seamlessly along the endpiece and temple, adding depth and dimension to the design.  This model is available in four stylish colourways: Black Gold, Burgundy Rose Gold, Blush Rose, and Moss Brown.  K-751, a classic round with a keyhole bridge, is designed for retro enthusiasts who seek a modern twist. The triple laminate acetate introduces bold colour combinations that set it apart from other frames in this timeless silhouette. Contrasting colours and patterns are laminated along the brow, outer rim and temples creating designs that are fresh and unique.  The discreetly integrated European flex hinge offers add fit and comfort. Captivating colourways include Black Rose, Blush Grape Blue, Crystal Horn Black, and Teal Taupe.